Our goal

We are on a quest of self-improvement and to perform our best at everything we do. When we change, people all around us change for the better. Everyone at some point in their lives may face a major set-back either physically, mentally or spiritually. Our goal is to help everyone on their journey as best we can, using cutting edge technology that can improve their lives one red-light treatment at a time.

As biohackers ourselves (not doctors), we are here to inform society of how modern day technology and science can be used to unlock all of our potential. By increasing awareness, we can all be evolved human beings together. 

Our mission

It is our mission to bring premium quality red light therapy devices to everyone at affordable prices. With innovative LED technologies now available, it is now possible to experience the benefits of red light inside of your home for much less. 

We take pride in being able to deliver more powerful medical grade red-light therapy devices, at 30% less the cost popular brands (on average). No matter what this industry holds, we are here to always keep our prices below the competition. Everyone deserves to experience the benefits of red light therapy, and we’re here to make that happen.  

Optimized for Results

nuYOU LED was designed to be the most effective light therapy device in the industry