Wendy Fortino Shares Her Red Light Therapy Journey

wendy fortino using nuYOU LED's red light therapy device

Red light therapy is indeed a universal means of treatment as it works on improving the body and mind from within, on a cellular level. Many people, including professional athletes, turn to this revolutionary treatment solution to keep up with their extensive fitness routines. Wendy Fortino is one of the most popular bodybuilders in the US and she uses red light therapy to keep her mesmerizing physique.

In this blog, we’ll tell you about Wendy Fortino’s journey and experience with red light therapy and nuYOU LED’s industry-leading light panels.  

Athlete Wendy Fortino exposing her back to nuYOU LED red light therapy device after workout

Who is Wendy Fortino?

Wendy Fortino is a well-known elite athlete, as well as a health and beauty expert. She used to be a promising track athlete but had to switch to bodybuilding in 2008 due to a severe foot injury. Wendy’s hard work and dedication made her one of the best bodybuilders in the industry. In 2008, Wendy was awarded the title of Miss Figure San Francisco. Not long after, in 2011, she became Miss Figure USA. 

Nowadays, she’s a fitness competition coach who helps people achieve their body goals and inspires her large social media following with her dedication to health and fitness. 

Why Did Wendy Fortino Start Red Light Therapy?

Throughout her entire life, Wendy has been looking for ways to enhance her lifestyle. She searched for something that would have versatile applications, something like a “cure-all” panacea.

A couple of years ago, she encountered a severe skin condition. Her whole face would get large inflamed spots that just wouldn’t go away. Regardless of visiting numerous doctors, the professionals were having a hard time diagnosing, thus treating her condition. 

So she decided to take the matter into her own hands to research and find a safe yet effective solution that would help her ease the condition. That’s how she came across LED light therapy. Having heard about its amazing benefits for skin, she didn’t think second and started sessions. 

Another factor that made red light therapy attractive for her was the fact that red and near-infrared light waves were effective for not only skin rejuvenation but for eliminating muscle soreness, joint pain, and elevating energy levels. Understandably, being a professional athlete, she knew she needed to try the therapy out.

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Why Red & Near-Infrared Lights?

When it comes to incorporating a new regimen into her daily, Wendy Fortino prefers to do in-depth research first. So before starting with red light, she investigated various LED light therapy options. She researched what different light wavelengths could be used for and landed on red and infrared. The reason behind her decision was the fact that the light range of 630-850nm (red and infrared waves) is characterized by deep penetration, allowing it to treat numerous problems from within, on a cellular level. 

Before we elaborate more on Wendy’s journey, let’s take a look at how red light therapy works in the following section. 

The Science Behind Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy refers to exposing one’s body to red and near-infrared light wavelengths, which are characterized by therapeutic properties. The secret behind the therapy is that these light waves reach deep beyond the epidermis and optimize cellular metabolism. 

Let’s break down how the process works:

Once the red and infrared light waves reach our cells, they boost processes in mitochondria – a so-called powerhouse of the cell. Mitochondria is responsible for supplying our cells with energy which is then utilized for carrying out their functions. Due to aging or certain damage, mitochondria may not produce enough ATP (energy-carrying molecules). That’s exactly where the red light therapy comes in! 

Enhanced cellular metabolism boosts ATP production, allowing cells to repair more efficiently as well as become better at doing their job – keeping us alive and healthy. Thanks to red light therapy, our blood circulation, oxygen levels, and the power to fight inflammation improve, thus its versatile benefits. 

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Professional athlete Wendy Fortino reading a book while enjoying red light therapy with nuYOU LED device

Red Light Therapy Results For Wendy Fortino

Wendy Fortino has been using red light therapy long before she discovered nuYOU LED. In fact, she has over 3 years of experience in RLT so it is safe to say that she is a true expert. 

As we mentioned above, she initially started red light therapy for treating her skin condition. After using it for a couple of weeks, she noticed drastic improvements. Her skin started to clear up, inflammation disappeared, and her complexion became more radiant. 

Once her skin condition improved, she continued with red light therapy because of the benefits such as eliminating post-workout soreness, fastened healing of injuries, and elevated energy levels. She also noticed that red light exposure helped reduce hip and neck pain, which has been a reoccurring problem of hers.  

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Finding The Right Red Light Therapy Device 

Throughout her red light therapy journey, Wendy Fortino tested out numerous RLT devices. Once she tried nuYOU LED, she knew she found the right one. Wendy has been using nuYOU LED’s light therapy panel for over 3 months. Now that she gave it enough time, she’s excited to share her amazing results. 

Here is her latest video where she tells everything about her experience with red light therapy and why nuYOU LED is her favorite:

Get On Board With Red Light Therapy 

The great thing about red light therapy is that you can obtain its medical-grade benefits from the comfort of your home, around your schedule. For instance, Wendy Fortino loves to pull up her nuYOU LED light panel and read a book, watch TV or just meditate while red light therapy works its magic. 

If you want to try out red light therapy, we definitely have something for you! Take a look at nuYOU LED’s shop for a vast selection of powerful and affordable red light therapy devices. Don’t forget to use a promo code WENDY15 for 15% off on your order! 

Written By Matthew Caldera

Matthew Caldera is the founder and CEO of nuYOU LED, a leading provider of red light therapy devices. As a dedicated biohacker and RLT specialist, Matthew aims to make science-backed information about red light therapy and self-improvement more accessible to everyone. To achieve his goal, Matthew uses up-to-date research materials and converts them into easily digestible articles, answering frequently asked questions of those interested in the power of red light.

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