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Bring a glowing radiance back to your skin with 3 unique RGB colors. A solution for looking more youthful and removing imperfections in your appearance. Whether it is wrinkles, acne scarring, fine lines, redness, dryness, oily or uneven skin, this is the exact treatment for you.

No longer do you need to pay unnecessary costs for expensive skin care products or dermatology appointments. With 3 easy treatments a week with the nuGLOW RGB, it’s natural light waves will restore your skin in no time.

• Targeted medical-grade therapeutic treatment panel
• Chose between 3 unique RGB colors
Irradiance: 215mw/cm2 on contact
• 32 pieces 3w non-flicker LEDs
• 30 degree beam angle
• Adjustable detachable stand
• Digital LCD controller and timer
• Ultra-portable, perfect for traveling
• Full 3 year warranty

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