nuMAX 600 Red Light Therapy

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This ultra-large red and near-infrared red light therapy device is a great addition for any environment in your life. Because of its superior size, it’s perfect for elite red-light therapy users looking to get maximum exposure treatment. With 2 built-in panels attached together, simply detach them so you can target the front and back of your body at the same time, or keep them connected for one double strength front body treatment. The choice is yours!

• Ultimate full-body medical-grade therapeutic treatment panel
• Chose between 660nm red, 850nm near-infrared or both
Irradiance: 155mw/cm2 @ 6 inches
• 420 pieces 5w non-flicker LEDs
• 30 degree beam angle
• Door mount or floor standing
• Whisper quiet LED cooling fans
• Digital LCD controller and timer
• Modular design connects to multiple nuMAX panels
• Full 3 year warranty

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