Red Light Therapy

Take advantage of red, near-infrared, or a combination of both light wavelengths.

nuMAX series

nuMAX Red Light Therapy


Our nuMAX home series features 4 devices that provide targeted, half-body, and full-body treatments. You can customize treatment times (up to 30 minutes) for convenience.

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Small and Portable Red Light and nIR Therapy Device nuRED by nuYOU LED


Here’s an easy-to-use device that you can take with you wherever you go! It’s perfect for 3 to 5-minute daily skin facial treatments and other areas.

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Portable and Rechargeable Red Light and nIR Therapy Device nuMINI by nuYOU LED


Our nuMINI device combines portability and power. It’s as small as the iPhone 11. It fits in your pocket or bag great for home use, traveling, and after-workouts.

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Light Bulb e27 for Red Light and nIR Therapy nuISO by nuYOU LED


A handheld device that comes with twelve 3-watt LED bulbs with a narrow beam angle for highly targeted treatments. It features a simple control switch to start and stop a treatment session.

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RGB Light Therapy

The best device for treating common skin conditions such as acne, uneven skin tone, wrinkles/fine lines, and more.

LED Therapy Device nuGLOW by nuYOU LED (Transparent Background)


Non-invasive, chemical, free, and safe.  Choose between red, green, and blue light depending on your skin issue. Best for 5 to 15-minute daily treatments.

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Portable UV Sanitizers

Effectively sanitize any surface or object in minutes without harmful chemicals.

Portable UV Sterilizer nuCLEAN by nuYOU LED

nuCLEAN UV Sterilizer Light Therapy


A foldable device that offers a convenient and safe way to sanitize daily items. Emits UV radiation of 260 to 280nm which kills germs, bacteria, and viruses.

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