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Red Light and nIR Therapy Devices

If you’re in a penchant for the best red light therapy home devices, you’re definitely on the right page! We’re on a mission to help people overcome physical, mental, or spiritual insecurities by helping everyone on their journey to become a better version of themselves. 

Our goal is to help solve everyone’s problem one red light therapy device at a time. We do not conform to the norm – we make things happen.



This device is a good possession for you. It’s also a great addition to the red light therapy home devices you already have. NuMAX comes in four different devices with corresponding purposes.


This device is a great addition to the red light therapy at home devices that you have. Thanks to its small size, it can fit any room in your home.


This red light therapy home device is medium in size that’s specifically designed for half body treatments. It’s medical-grade, portable, and perfect for semi-targeted treatments.


This is a full-body device that is large enough to cover the entire body all at once. It works great for full-body treatments at home.


This device is ultra-large in size with modular panels. Its superior size makes it great for red light therapy users seeking to get a maximum exposure treatment.


This device is small and portable. Because of its portable nature, you can take it anywhere you desire to go.


This hand-held red light therapy device works best for targeted treatments. It’s made of medical-grade materials, which makes it safe to use.


This is a small and rechargeable red and near-infrared therapy device and works best for those who are always on the go. This red light therapy device is ultra-portable. Protection Status