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Device components

Red Light Therapy Devices can be classified as medical grade as they are highly therapeutic on the human body. However, it is important to understand how these complex devices work so you can make an informed buying decision.

Ideally, you want a device that is powerful, yet affordable. Here are the main components of a red light therapy device.


nuMAX Red Light Therapy

High power density means a faster dose of light in a shorter period of time. Our device needs only 5-15 minutes of exposure for maximum benefit.

Therapeutic grade power density

Power density stands for light power output. Also known as how powerful the intensity of the light is. For a device to have a high power density, it needs to have high-powered LED chips. Common devices have 2-3 watts per LED chips. nuYOU LED uses 5 watts per chips.


LED Chip:

Power Density:

Beam Angle:





60 Degrees

1-2 Years




30 Degrees

3 Years

Light Profile of our Devices. We use the 660nm and 850nm because they are proven to have the most impact on Cytochrome absorption and cellular energy.

The right spectrum

Deep-red (660nm) and near-infrared (850nm) are the light frequencies you should aim for. Unfortunately, some devices only include deep-red, others just near-infrared. 

Each light spectrum has been rigorously tested. Studies have shown that the 660nm and 850nm spectrum gives the most advantages on a biological level.   

Our devices come equipped with both deep-red (660nm) and near-infrared (850nm), activating the mitochondria at the greatest scale. This allows your biological systems to work at their full capacity.

Flicker rate

While the right spectrum is important, what is often not considered in red light devices is the LED flicker rate. The alternating electric current makes the LEDs turn on and off multiple times each second as the current changes its direction.

This is not good as this intense flickering can cause stress on the biological systems in your body, commonly leading to headaches and eye strain. What you might not know is common household lighting may have harmful rates of flicker. 

However, we caution you to be mindful as many leading red light therapy devices have this flicker rate that may be harmful. 

We are happy to tell you that the rate of flicker on our devices is 0.0 μT @ 6”, effectively giving no flicker at all. You can be at ease and just enjoy the benefits from red light therapy.

nuRED Red Light Therapy

Beam angle and why it matters

The angle at which the beam shines is another important factor to consider when investing in a red light therapy device. Conventional LEDs often come equipped with a 120 degree beam angle. More intense LEDs such as lasers commonly have beam angles of less than one degree. The angle is essential to the surface area the light will cover. With more coverage, you take way more benefit from treatment.

When it comes to buying your first red light therapy device, you want the most coverage as possible to get maximum exposure. If the angle of the beam is too narrow, you won’t get enough coverage. If the angle of the beam is too wide, then the intensity of the beam won’t be enough to provide any benefit. 

Traditional red light therapy devices today use a 60 degree beam angle which decreases the power density. With most studies showing the positive impact of beam angles of 30 degrees and lower, anything over this is going to be less beneficial. 

Our engineers saw this being problematic to its users, so we designed red-light therapy devices that solve this problem. Consisting of 30 degree beam angles, we give you the perfect balance between intensity and maximum coverage – an all-in-one solution.

nuMAX Red Light Therapy

Safe EMF emissions

You may have heard of the term EMF (electro-magnetic frequency), which is a form of radiation that is emitted from electronic devices. Turns out this invisible wavelength can be harmful, with the WHO saying it can, “possibly be carcinogenic to humans”. 

Red light therapy devices can emit high levels of EMF, especially popular brands in the industry. To avoid this exposure, it is important that your device is made with insulated materials and a grounded plug. 

Fortunately, our devices have all been rigorously tested and are very safe for daily use.

Typically you need 5-20 minutes of treatment and stand 6-30 inches away from most red light therapy devices today. The closer you are, the more at risk you are from the electrical radiation. When using our devices, there is no danger of being close to it. You will be able to be at 6 inches and not need to worry about any EMF exposure.

Cutting-edge technology at a low price

Now that you understand the mechanisms of what makes an optimal Red Light Therapy device, now it’s time to know what you should expect to pay. Because of the powerful LED’s, these devices cost a little more. However, the benefits you experience for the rest of your life are more than worth the price alone. 

For the high quality of Red Light Therapy device offered, we are the most affordable. Compared to the leading competitors, our devices are 2 times more powerful, emit no EMFs and a fraction of the cost. In fact, you can buy 2 of our devices for the price of one of our leading competitors. Look for yourself!

After years of precise engineering and using cutting edge technology, we are able to bring you the best Red Light Therapy device at an affordable price tag.

nuYOU LED vs. The competition

Over double the power of leading competitor brands, at a fraction of the price


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