nuGLOW RGB Light Therapy

3 LED Colors

For different skin functions

nuGLOW RGB Light Therapy

100% UV-Free

No harmful UV rays or recovery time needed

nuGLOW RGB Light Therapy


Newest technology for skin care

nuGLOW RGB Light Therapy

LEDs x 32

Professional high intensity LED lights

nuGLOW RGB Light Therapy


Use without the need of skin care creams

nuGLOW RGB Light Therapy


Backed by a 3 year warranty coverage

nuGLOW Light Therapy Bring a glowing radiance back to your skin with 3 unique RGB colors. A solution for looking more youthful and removing imperfections in your appearance. Whether it is wrinkles, acne scarring, fine lines, redness, dryness, oily or uneven skin, this is the exact treatment for you. No longer do you need to pay unnecessary costs for expensive skin care products or dermatology appointments. With 3 easy treatments a week with the nuGLOW RGB, it’s natural light waves will restore your skin in no time.

3 LED colors allow you treat different conditions:

“Suffering bad acne as a teenager, I developed scars into my adulthood. Trying all kinds of natural skin care products, they never seemed to do the trick. Shining this light 3x on my face a week, my skin is noticeably clearer after 1 month of use”

Olivia S / Facebook

“Recently retired, my skin has accumulated many sun spots and wrinkles. After following the recommended treatment plan, my friends could not believe how young I now look. I love this device!”

Jane W. / Facebook

“My skin has always looked great, but I needed something as general maintenance as my skin care products were getting too expensive. I can confidently say this device has kept my skin looking great plus more!!”

Tracy U.

Follow these 4 simple steps:

nuRED Red Light Therapy

1 Dry and cleanse your face before treatment

nuRED Red Light Therapy

2 Choose the LED color for your skin condition

nuRED Red Light Therapy

3 Press start on the touch screen panel and bathe in front of it

nuRED Red Light Therapy

4 Apply your favorite skin care lotion to moisturize skin

Visible results. Simple and effective.

Use nuGLOW 10 minutes a day, 3 times a week.