The red light therapy and infrared light spectrum have proven to have a multitude of benefits on our biology at a cellular level. This positive impact that light has on your cells literally changes the person you become from the inside out, making it even more important for you to understand how this process works.

Just by getting exposure to red light therapy, you ignite the ATP cellular process to begin. This sets a foundation for higher energy levels throughout the day. 

Within 1 short minute of red light exposure, your cells begin to get more cellular energy. All it takes is one 10-minute session of red light therapy to attain maximum benefit.

The 4 Main Areas Red Light Therapy Has On Your Biology

Improving just one of these areas will indirectly improve all other areas too!


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it work?

Red Light Therapy is a form of Photobiomodulation – also known as Low-Level-Laser Therapy. With over 500 studies, it is backed by some of the leading researchers today. The way it works is simple – red light boosts cellular energy, resulting in more oxygen and less nitric oxide. This leads to many anti-inflammatory applications, resulting in positive benefits in your biology.

Will this help with my symptoms?

As red-light therapy is cutting edge, there are no negative documented systems. Thus far, studies have shown extremely positive results using red-light therapy on its users.

How much time before I see results?

Depending on the deficiency you are looking for red & near-infrared light to help you with, results can be shorter or longer term. Regarding energy and pain, you should be able to feel it almost immediately. When it comes to how your skin appears and feels, you can expect it to take a few weeks. No matter what you are trying to improve, just about everyone should expect to see positive results 1 month of continual use.

Are there any side effects?

There are none! Compared to UV rays at 400nm, red and near-infrared light do not damage your skin or eyes. While eye wear can reduce the intensity of the light, it is not a must. In fact the opposite can be true – it may actually benefit your eye issues!

Can this hurt my eyes?

400nm to 700nm or light are what the human eye responds to. This wavelength of light would be classified as visible red or invisible infrared.

Both red & Infrared light spectrums are beneficial for the eyes, like the rest of your body. That’s why safety goggles are not mandatory to use during treatment. Sometimes just closing your eyes during treatment is all you need if you find the intensity is too much.

How do photobiomodulation (pbm) / low level laser therapy (lllt) work?

The increased production of mitochondria cells and their efficiency are one of the single biggest benefits when it comes to red and near infrared light therapy. These mitochondria are classified as the powerplant cells in your body, acting as little organelles that provide the building blocks for your brain and other organs to function. With Red and near infrared light therapy, you are directly aiding the process whereby mitochondria is creating more of that energy.

Cytochrome c oxidase are photoreceptors inside of our cells which interact reaction to certain photons found in red and near infrared light therapy. This reaction leads to your mitochondria becoming stimulated where more oxygen is available for the cells to utilize, allowing the mitochondria to produce even more adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP are one of the building blocks processed that supports the energy for life to exist. All the cells inside of your body including muscle, nerve, brain, etc. require rely on ATP to function. If your ATP processes are not functioning properly, expect to feel chronically tired and a whole range of other negative symptoms. ATP is so important that it is often referred to the "molecular unit of currency".

How do I use my nuYOU LED light?

Simply set up device on your door, wall, chair or table. Then position yourself about 6 to 12 inches away and expose that desired area of your body for 5-15 minutes to the light. Here you will reap the full benefits that red and near-infrared light have to offer!

What is the beam angle and why does it matter?

90 degrees is the most common angle that red light manufacturers use in their devices. Issue is the power density drops quickly with this angle, especially at a distance. Because of this wide beam angle, you can expect sub-par results. If it’s a large area of your body you are looking for the red or near-infrared light to target, it is essential you get a narrow beam angle. Our nuMAX devices use a narrow beam angle of 30 degrees to ensure therapeutic power density at moderate distances.

What are the EMF levels?

Our devices are engineered with low EMFs in mind. The EMFs of our nuMAX devices are at or below ~1mG (0.1 µT), based on the recommended treatment distance of 6 inches. In comparison, BioIniative Report recommends a continuous exposure level of 1mG for children and pregnant women. To give perspective of other devices in the industry, our devices give off much lower EMF levels because our LED lights and cooling are the only electrical pieces that require power.

Can I use the devices too much / for too long?

In order to reap the most benefits from red light therapy, more is not always better. In fact, the upside-down U shape response curve indicates that 5-15 minutes a day is an ideal length for exposure. This short amount is really all you, then you can get on with your day feeling great!

As well, based off 3,000 clinical studies, red and near-infrared light is shown to be very safe with no negative side effects.

Do I need safety glasses with this light?

It is recommended to wear safety goggles that are darkened during a session. Prior to using our device, it is highly recommended you speak with your licensed healthcare professional about any pre-existing health condition, especially with your eyes.

What’s inside the box?

Each nuYOU LED device comes equipped with everything you need to experience the amazing benefits of LED light therapy in your home environment. After unboxing the device, plug it in and it is ready to go! Expose your bare skin to the desired area of treatment for the required time frame.

Do we ship internationally?

Yes, we ship internationally! No matter what part of the globe you are from, we will deliver your nuMAX, nuRED or nuISO directly to you.

For questions or guidance, please email us anytime and we will get back to you as soon as possible!