How to Choose the Best Portable UV Sterilizer: 5 Things it MUST Have

Keeping your home clean and sanitized can be a real challenge if you have a large number of surfaces, devices, and objects to keep clean. It can be overwhelming, and incredibly time consuming to go around the home disinfecting each room, especially after a trip out of the house.  

It’s more important now than ever to keep our devices clean, as we wear so many smart devices that come everywhere we go and have contact with our skin. These devices require specialist cleaning, and harsh chemicals have the potential to negatively affect our health. Many cleaning products produce harmful fumes which can result in respiratory issues later in life, if used heavily on a day-to-day basis. 

If you have been using traditional cleaning methods up until now, it’s time to consider something a little different, such as a UV sterilization light, which can quickly make your devices and home safe to handle – without any danger to your health.

Here are 5 things your UV sterilizer must have:

Portability – Easy to Move and Take With You

How easy is it to carry around all of those bottles, sprays, and wipes? Not very, right? And if you’ve started your search for a UV sterilizer, most of them aren’t portable nor practical to sterilize anything that doesn’t look like your phone or TV remote. Our nuCLEAN portable UV sterilizer is compact, easy to carry, and even foldable! That means you can take it with you to work, while traveling, or any quick trip to the store.  

Fold-Out or Flat So You Can Use it On Anything

How many UV sterilizers have you seen that are like a box you have to put your devices and objects in? These have extremely limited uses – you need a sterilizer that can be used on any surface; food, car steering wheel, shoes, clothes, computer, phone, airplane foldout tray – anything! A UV light is the perfect way to guarantee that you can disinfect your home or space without having to touch anything and put yourself at risk. As for range of sterilization, you should look for a UV light with LEDs that have a wavelength of 260nm-280nm, and a disinfection distance reach of 2-3 cm. (Which is exactly what ours has.)

Another vitally important point to consider if you’re choosing a fold-out or flat light is Gravity-Safe Protection. What’s that? UV light is safe to use on anything – provided it’s not a living being. Gravity-safe protection means that should you (or any little ones who get their hands on it!) turn it around to face you, it will automatically turn off. We made sure our UV sterilizer included this feature, so don’t go without it!

High Level of Sterilization and Speed of Sterilization

It isn’t possible to guarantee that any product will kill 100% of germs, but you should look out for a product that offers 99.9% sterilization. Fortunately, most UV sterilizers will offer this, but few can do this at speed. Our nuCLEAN UV Sterilizer can kill 99.9% of bacteria in just 5 seconds – perfect for cleaning your home fast, or sterilizing objects in a public place. Can you imagine holding a sterilizer over your steering wheel after going into a public place for more than a minute? It’s not practical, and if it takes that long you’re more likely to give up and leave yourself unprotected.  

Great Battery Life and Easy Recharging

Your UV sterilizer is your safety net – it’s what’s going to stand between you and illnesses like the common cold, or worse. If you or a family member have a compromised immune system due to an illness or age, that net needs to be unbreakable. If you have a UV sterilizer that needs charging after just a few uses, a full house clean or day of protection will be out of the question. Your sterilizer must have great battery life and recharge quickly. Our nuCLEAN sterilizer has a battery on par with many smartphones – a 2000mAh USB rechargeable battery which lasts for 5 hours of use. That means you can charge it anywhere there’s a USB charger (like your car or work computer), so you’re never without.


If your UV sterilizer isn’t certified, you can’t trust it. Our nuCLEAN UV Sterilizer purple LED disinfection light kills the molecule structure of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) or RNA (ribonucleic acid) in bacterial viruses with its 260-280nm wavelength, leading to both growth and regenerative cell death, meaning it kills 99.9% of germs in just 5 seconds – that’s why it’s FCC, CE, and ROHS certified.

We’re not willing to compromise – our nuCLEAN UV sterilizer is easy and effective, and you shouldn’t be either. To use our sterilizer, simply wave the device over the surface or item you want to sterilize for 5 seconds, and the germs on its surface will be killed instantly. That means everywhere you go can be germ free – inside your home, on public transport, work keyboards, restaurant tables and door handles – anywhere! (Even on your food!) To find out more or to order your nuCLEAN UV sterilizer, click here.

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