Order, Shipping & Returns

If I am not satisfied, can I return my nuYOU LED device?

If you are unsatisfied for whatever reason within 60 days, you may request a refund. However, the device must be in the same condition as when you received it and include all accessories. Fees related to shipping are non-refundable. For more information regarding this matter, please visit our warranty and returns pages.

What is the warranty on my light therapy device?

We will happily fix or replace your nuMAX device within three years of the purchase date if you were to find any defect with it. We will make every effort to get you another nuMAX device back to you as soon as possible. All cases will be assessed on an individual basis. For more information, please visit our warranty page. 

What is the shipping cost, duration and location?

All shipping within the USA is free, while world-wide shipping is available at a small fee. You can expect handling time of 1-5 days and shipping times of 2-7 days. You can expect your delivery within 3-14 days. We offer expedited shipping options through UPS, DHL and DPEX.

General FAQs

Which light treatment device should I buy?

All of nuYOU LED panels are of the highest quality medical-grade devices that are FDA approved and show significant benefits to overall health and well-being. With that said, choosing a perfect light therapy device boils down to your preferences and the issues you’re looking to treat. Please take a look at our comparison chart for a side-to-side analysis of features. 

How should I use my red light device?

We recommend 10-minute sessions for each treatment, standing 6-12 inches away from the device. This will ensure maximum benefits for your cellular health, penetrating down to the deep tissue treatment.

What's the difference between red light and near-infrared light?

The main difference between red light and near-infrared light is the level at which they penetrate the epidermis. Red light enters your skin at a more surface level, leading to enhanced skin health and increased collagen production. Near-infrared light penetrates your skin on a deeper level, speeding up muscle recovery and reducing joint pain. With that said, both red and near-infrared light have been shown to enhance your function at a cellular level. Studies reveal that using red light and near-infrared light in combination leads to more intensified results.

Can I wear clothes when using the light therapy device?

Yes, you may wear clothes during red light treatment sessions as the light can penetrate through the fabric. However, to maximize the red light therapy benefits, it is recommended that the part of your body you’re looking to treat is directly exposed to the light.

What is the beam angle, and how does it affect the results of the light therapy?

The beam angle is an angle at which your light therapy device produces the light. The effectiveness of the red light, near-infrared light, or blue light therapy devices is directly linked to this variable – the wider the beam angle, the quicker power density drops as you move away from the device. So if you’re looking to treat versatile parts of your body, you need to find the device with a narrow beam angle. This will allow you to stand further away from the device without worrying about decreasing the treatment’s effectiveness. nuYOU LED’s light therapy devices offer innovative 30-degree beam angles, making them an ultimate choice for quality in-home light treatment sessions.

How soon can I expect results of light therapy?

While it depends on the issue you’re treating, on average, it takes 2-4 weeks to see evident results of the light therapy. While that’s generally true, studies also show that participants feel improvements after a couple of light treatments in regards to their energy levels and mental clarity. 



Does the light therapy help with anxiety?

Numerous recent studies indicate positive results of the red light therapy on mental health and brain function. Light therapy has been proven to show anti-depressive and anti-anxiety effects over continuous use. You can learn more about how the red light therapy can help depression here.

Cleaning Instructions

nuYOU LED’s light therapy devices are extremely easy to maintain. In order to keep your light panel in a tip-top condition, clean it once a month using rubbing alcohol.  

Cleaning guide:

  • Make sure your device is unplugged from the outlet; 
  • Use rubbing alcohol to clean the light panel’s surface throughout; 
  • Wipe the surface with a cotton pad or a paper towel. 

Do not use water or any other cleaning solution to avoid damaging the inner parts of the device.

Safety FAQs

Is eye protection required during light therapy treatment session?

No, wearing eye protection is not required for light therapy sessions. With that in mind, it is still recommended to use protective eyewear when you first get started with light therapy as the LEDs may appear bright to your eyes. An alternative is keeping your eyes closed until you get adjusted to the brightness. If you have any questions or concerns, please consult your healthcare provider.

Is it safe for children to use a red light device?

Yes, using red light therapy device is safe for children. Studies have shown that red light treatment does not have any harmful side effects for children or adults. However, we recommend consulting with your healthcare professional beforehand, if you have any concerns.

Will red light therapy negatively interfere with the medication I take?

Hundreds of clinical studies have shown light therapy to be safe to use when taking medications. However, if you are taking medicines like Tetracycline, Digoxin, Retin A, or other photosensitizing drugs, it’s recommended that you consult your healthcare provider prior to using the nuYOU LED’s devices. 

Does red light therapy have any side effects?

Extensive research that’s been done on light therapy shows that there are no side effects to it. If you have any concerns, we suggest you visit your healthcare professional. With that said, you should use your in-home light therapy device following the guidelines that come with it to ensure maximum benefits. nuYOU LED recommends 10-minute sessions for each treatment, standing 6-12 inches away from the device to get the most out of the therapy.

How to use the nuYOU LED device safely?

Safety Considerations

Using a nuYOU LED therapy device in a different way than described in this manual automatically voids the warranty and could result in serious injury. nuYOU LED therapy lights are electrical devices. As such to prevent electrical shock, you must adhere to these safety considerations:

• Do not submerge your device under water or get wet.

• Do not use water or liquids when washing your device.

• Do not use wet hands when touching the device, plugs or switches when operating this device.

• Do not touch any part of the device with wet or damp skin.

• Do not pull the cord of the device or use the cord to lift or carry it. In the event the cord is damaged, do not use the device.

• Do not use the device if it has been dropped, left outside, or has encountered water or liquids.

• Do not use the device on or near heated surfaces use on or near heated surfaces.

• Do not modify, or attempt to modify or repair, this equipment. User-serviceable parts are not included.

• Do not use or store your device in hot temperatures that exceed 130°F (54°C).

Can I use my red light therapy device in a sauna?

No, nuYOU LED’s light therapy panels are not made to be used in sauna. Our light therapy devices are not intended for hot temperatures that exceed 130°F or 54°C. 

Please see the user guide for complete information about safety considerations

Technical FAQs

Why do the near infrared LEDs on my red light device look like they’re not working?

The wavelengths actually appear invisible to the human eye as it is only capable of seeing 760nm, while each nuYOU LED device uses an 850nm wavelength with its near infrared LEDs, making it virtually invisible for you to see. Visit our setup guidelines to make sure that your device is constructed correctly. 

How come my light therapy panel is not turning on?

Ensure that the power cord is fully pushed all the way into the power input. The parts may feel slightly stiff with first-time use, requiring a little more force as the materials are brand new. As well, you may try plugging the light into an alternate outlet. If the panel happens to be still not lighting up, ensure that the red master power switch at the back of the light is in the ON position and lit up. You can also visit our setup page for detailed guidelines for using your nuYOU LED device. If none of these solutions seem to be working, please contact us directly.

Why is the second panel connected not lighting up? Why is it not being controlled by the first panel?

Please ensure the patch cord is pushed in all the way into the plug on the light. As well, the red master power switch is turned to the ON position and lit up. For digital control, make sure that the digital cable is plugged into both lights, “LEAD in OUT” and “FOLLOW in IN”. Also, check if the light that is plugged in from the wall – the “LEAD” light – has its black switch set to “LEAD”. The other light that is plugged into the “LEAD” light should have its switch set to “FOLLOW.” You can also visit our setup page for detailed guidelines for using your nuYOU LED device. If none of these solutions seem to be working, please contact us directly.

Why do fans continue to run after turning the light therapy device off?

The fans are responsible for cooling down the device after each use. Therefore, they keep running for a few minutes even after turning your nuYOU LED device off. It is recommended that you let the light therapy device fully cool off before using it again to ensure that you’re not overwhelming it.