Red Light Therapy Pros And Cons

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Red Light Therapy is gaining popularity as a safe, non-invasive, and effective treatment for various conditions like alopecia, bone health, accelerated skin aging, wound healing, and more. It’s also useful for weight loss and body contouring for personal and medical reasons. For further understanding, red light therapy pros and cons are two things people should […]

Red Light Therapy: Benefits, Side Effects, and Safety

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Red light therapy treatment is making waves today. Some use it for boosting their appearance while others for treating certain health issues. It seems to have great potential, which brings us to the following questions: How does it work?  What are the benefits Are there unfavorable effects that you should be aware of?  This article […]

How to Choose the Best Portable UV Sterilizer: 5 Things it MUST Have

Keeping your home clean and sanitized can be a real challenge if you have a large number of surfaces, devices, and objects to keep clean. It can be overwhelming, and incredibly time consuming to go around the home disinfecting each room, especially after a trip out of the house.   It’s more important now than […]

Red Light Therapy and Athletic Performance & Recovery

Red Light Therapy

Whether professional athlete or just looking to improve our fitness, we all know the importance of proper training and recovery. While good form and consistency can help us attain our fitness goals, there are some new technologies which may provide us with a boost. In particular, a new light-based therapeutic treatment, called Red Light Therapy […]

Red Light Therapy & Mental Well-Being

Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy may seem like a fancy treatment to you, but it’s very effective in keeping your physical and mental well-being in check.   Rather than going to a salon for the expensive procedure, why not invest in a red-light therapy device and enjoy the benefits at home? Benefits of Red Light Therapy for Mental […]

Red Light Therapy & Skin Care

Red Light Therapy

The skin care industry is developing new technologies at a rapid pace. We’ve probably all seen the curious ‘light up’ masks popularised by social media influencers. But is this illuminating trend in skin care really the secret elixir to beauty skin? What do we know about the dermatological benefits of red-light therapy? What is red […] Protection Status