nuYOU LED is a leading company based in the United States that provides high-quality red light therapy devices. Since 2019, we’ve been helping thousands of people all over the world reach an optimal level of health and wellness using LED light therapy a scientifically proven, non-invasive, safe, and chemical-free treatment that boosts your skin, performance, brain, and more. 

The Founder

Matthew believes that taking control of one’s health doesn’t have to be complicated and expensive. Having experienced the benefits of LED light therapy himself, he developed a passion to help others reach their personal goals through this amazing technology. 

nuMAX side view

Our Mission

It is our mission to provide you with superior LED light therapy devices that harness the power of red light, near infrared light, and RGB light. What used to be available only in clinics can now be enjoyed from the comfort of your home. 

We stand behind our products that are high in quality. Our LED panels have been thoroughly tested to ensure that they emit the right wavelengths of light that help you achieve the desired results for a targeted area of your body or your entire body. 

Our wide range of devices may have been designed for home use, but they have medical-grade power. They’re clinically proven to solve common health woes such as acne, wrinkles, tiredness, baldness, and joint pain, just to name a few. 

The best part is that our LED light therapy devices will cost you 30% less than most brands, on average. We continue to keep track of prices in the market to ensure that you get the best value for your money!

nuYOU LED is here to empower you and help you make a positive impact. 

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Our goal

As biohackers ourselves, our long-term goal is to help you on your journey to self-improvement through our devices that produce safe, natural light. Our light therapy solutions can help you heal:

✔ Physically. Light coming from our devices penetrate the skin to reduce inflammation, fight bacteria, and produce more energy. You’ll start to notice visible results even after one therapy session. 

✔ Mentally. LED light therapy increases blood flow to the brain, as demonstrated by MRI scans. It can improve cognitive function and improve your sleep quality. 

✔ Emotionally. A lack of exposure to natural light is linked to low mood and depression. Light wavelengths from nuYOU LED’s devices mimic natural sunlight to help you feel your best.    

The best LED light therapy devices will help you unlock your full potential, one treatment at a time. We believe that when we change, people around us also change for the better. 

Why nuYOU LED?

As a provider of powerful LED light therapy devices, here are reasons why we outperform the competition:

What Our Customers Say

Don’t just take our word for it. Check out some of our testimonials:

As an athletic man in his 30’s who lifts weights and plays sports, I seem to get injured frequently. Using red light therapy gets me back in the game playing at my 100%. It’s shocked my doctor how fast I am able to recover

Jon M / Facebook

Having always struggled with severe acne, I have scars as a results of the skin damage. Since using the nuYOU LED red lights over the past few weeks, I can see my scars are hardly there. There is hope at the end of the tunnel, thank you!!

Alicia S / Facebook

My sleep is better than it has ever been. I feel way more rejuvenated and productive throughout the day. Can’t recommend red light therapy enough, it has seriously changed my life.

Tom N