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“As an athletic man in his 30’s who lifts weights and plays sports, I seem to get injured frequently. Using red light therapy gets me back in the game playing at my 100%. It’s shocked my doctor how fast I am able to recover”

Jon M / Facebook

“Having always struggled with severe acne, I have scars as a results of the skin damage. Since using the nuYOU LED red lights over the past few weeks, I can see my scars are hardly there. There is hope at the end of the tunnel, thank you!!”

Alicia S / Facebook

“My sleep is better than it has ever been. I feel way more rejuvenated and productive throughout the day. Can’t recommend red light therapy enough, it has seriously changed my life.”

Tom N

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nuMAX 300 Power Density Readings at different distances

nuYOU LED Red Light Benefits

From improving your physical appearance to enhanced performance, red light therapy has plenty of benefits that are scientifically proven.

Skin Health

Red light reduces your wrinkles and promotes smoother skin by boosting blood flow, increasing collagen production and stopping inflammation.


Red light and and near-infrared light not only boosts oxygen in the blood but also increases nitric oxide levels throughout the entire body, leading to lower overall inflammation levels.

Hair Growth

Your scalp’s hair follicles need a certain level of blood flow, either wise the proper nutrients can’t reach the follicle to achieve growth. Red light directly promotes blood flow to these areas of the scalp.

Joint Pain

With more ATP, your cells have more resources to fight swelling and reduce inflammation. This has a direct impact on joint recovery and arthritis.

Muscle Recovery

With enhanced blood flow and oxygen, nitric oxide is reduced, giving a surplus of cellular energy to heal and grow your muscles.


Red light spectrum wavelengths encourages the production of ATP in the Leydig cells, which directly increases testosterone production.

More Energy

As less nitric oxide binds to ADP, the body can produce more ATP. This improves the Kreb Cycle process and skyrockets your mitochondria function.


While blue light can negatively impact melatonin and your sleep, the red spectrum does not reduce either. Red light exposure normalize your circadian rhythm.

Brain Health

With more blood flow and oxygen reaching your brain, this increases your executive functioning. Faster reaction time and better memory are a couple of the many cognitive benefits.

red light therapy at home


Several studies have demonstrated many benefits of red light and near-infrared light therapy for autoimmune hypothyroidism, including Hashimoto’s disease.

red light therapy at home

Depression & Anxiety

While an elevated mood is a common experience, there is evidence suggesting the promising results for red light therapy to treat anxiety, depression and brain injuries.

red light therapy at home

Nerve Pain

Red light and near infrared light can dull nerve pain by blocking conduction at the nerve fiber, ultimately decreasing pain in these associated areas.

red light therapy at home

Fat Loss

Red light therapy has been shown to increase fat loss by 2x while exercising, in addition to doubling hormone sensitivity health.

red light therapy at home

Oral Health

Lower inflammation of the gums & teeth and reduce mouth pain. Fight gum disease and painful gingivitis as well.

red light therapy at home

Improved Eye Health

Red light and near-infrared wavelengths can heal damaged retinas caused by excessive bright light exposure, more severely known as age related macular degeneration (AMD).

Science Approved

Red Light Therapy as accumulated hundreds of studies supporting its medical claims. Learn what the hype is about.

Who uses red light therapy?

nuYOU LED Red Light Therapy

Trusted doctors

With thousands of scientific studies showing the benefits of red light therapy, as well as no side effects, top doctors are becoming part of the movement themselves and advocating it’s use world-wide.

nuYOU LED Red Light Therapy

Professional athletes

Professional athletes in the NFL, NHL, MLB, UFC, as well as NASA all use red light therapy as part of their daily rituals.

nuYOU LED Red Light Therapy

Weekend warriors

Bring red light therapy right into the comfort of your own home. With a medical grade strength that is non-invasive, it’s a perfect solution to seek relief or improve physical and mental performance. There’s something beneficial for everyone!

Red light therapy is used in

nuYOU LED Red Light Therapy
nuYOU LED Red Light Therapy
nuYOU LED Red Light Therapy
nuMAX Red Light Therapy

Featured in UFC, Men’s Health, SHAPE, Men’s Journal, Healthline, Women’s Running, The Joe Rogan Experience, The New York Times, Mindbodygreen, Bulletproof, ONNIT, Mercola, Huffpost, Paleo Magazine and more.

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