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Small and convenient, this portable device allows you to take your treatment sessions wherever you go. 


nuMAX 100

Home Series


Tailor-made for targeting smaller regions, this device is an excellent addition to your red light treatment at home devices. 


nuMAX 300

Home Series


This device comes with a sizeable panel that makes it suitable to focus the treatment on larger parts of your body. 


nuMAX 1200

Home Series


Superior in size, this device is perfect for those who seek to get maximum exposure treatment. The extra-large panel allows you to target your whole body.

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Over double the power of leading competitor brands, at a fraction of the price!


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nuMAX 300 – The Superior Therapy Light

nuMAX 300 power density readings at different distances:

Red Light Treatment Benefits

From improving your physical appearance to enhanced performance, red light therapy has plenty of scientifically proven benefits to offer.

red light for skin health

Skin Health

Red light treatment reduces your wrinkles and promotes smoother skin by boosting blood flow, increasing collagen production and stopping inflammation.

red light for inflammation


Red light and near-infrared light not only boost oxygen in the blood but also increase nitric oxide levels throughout the entire, leading to lower inflammation.

red light for hair loss

Hair Growth

Red light treatment stimulates the cell activity in the bulb, which leads to increased energy production and higher cell replication. As a result, hair regrowth occurs.

red light for joint pain

Joint Pain

With more ATP, your cells have more resources to fight swelling and reduce inflammation, which directly impacts joint recovery and arthritis.

red light for muscle recovery

Muscle Recovery

With enhanced blood flow and oxygen, nitric oxide is reduced, giving a surplus of cellular energy to heal and grow your muscles.

red light for testosterone


Red light spectrum wavelengths encourage ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) production in the Leydig cells, which directly increases testosterone production.

red light for more energy

More Energy

As less nitric oxide binds to ADP, the body can produce more ATP. This improves the Kreb Cycle process and skyrockets your mitochondria function.

RLT for better sleep


While blue light can negatively impact melatonin and your sleep, the red spectrum does not reduce either. Red light exposure normalize your circadian rhythm.

RLT for brain health

Brain Health

With more blood flow and oxygen to your brain, this increases your executive function. Faster reaction time and better memory are just a few of cognitive benefits.

red light for hypothyroidism


Several studies have demonstrated numerous benefits of red light and near-infrared light therapy for autoimmune hypothyroidism, including Hashimoto’s disease.

red light for depression and anxiety

Depression & Anxiety

While an uplifted mood can be a common experience, studies suggest promising results for red light therapy to treat anxiety, depression, and brain injuries.

red light with nerve pain

Nerve Pain

Studies indicate that red light and near-infrared light block conduction at the nerve fiber, easing pain and reducing discomfort in the problematic areas.

red light for fat loss

Fat Loss

Red light therapy has been shown to increase fat loss by 2x while exercising, in addition to doubling hormone sensitivity health.

red light for oral health

Oral Health

Red Light Therapy lowers inflammation of the gums & teeth and reduces mouth pain. It is proven to fight gum disease and painful gingivitis as well.

red light for improved eye health

Improved Eye Health

Red light and near-infrared wavelengths can heal damaged retinas caused by excessive bright light exposure, more severely known as age-related macular degeneration.

Scientifically Approved

Red light therapy has accumulated hundreds of studies supporting its medical claims. Learn what the hype is about:

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Who Uses Red Light Therapy?

nuYOU LED Red Light Therapy

Trusted Doctors

With thousands of scientific studies showing the benefits of red light treatment, as well as no side effects, leading doctors are becoming part of the movement and supporting its use.

nuYOU LED Red Light Therapy

Professional Athletes

Professional athletes in the NFL, NHL, MLB, UFC, as well as NASA all use red light therapy as part of their daily routines to help them optimize their body and mind.

nuYOU LED Red Light Therapy

Weekend Warriors

Bring red light therapy into the comfort of your own home! With non-invasive medical-grade strength, it’s a perfect solution to improve physical and mental performance. 

Red light therapy is used in

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UFC players use red light therapy

Featured in UFC, Men’s Health, SHAPE, Men’s Journal, Healthline, Women’s Running, The Joe Rogan Experience, The New York Times, Mindbodygreen, Bulletproof, ONNIT, Mercola, Huffpost, Paleo Magazine and more.